163: Beardless Riker is Useless

August 13, 2017

Star Trek Discovery versus The Orville! 

Shin Godzilla review,

NETFLIX Round-up:

  • Voltron Season 3,
  • Death Note,
  • Glow,
  • Taking Earth

Anime Stuff:

  • Titan AE,
  • Beyond the Boundary 

He-Man/Thundercats, Curse Words comics,

NOE upcoming events,

Magic 2.0 audio book,

Abyss Creations Realbotix Harmony AI 'Realdolls' sexbots,

Mythological Creature Showdown!



162: Comic Con Trailers, Road Trips, and Star Trek

August 6, 2017

Golden Age of Trailers!

  • Thor Ragnarok,
  • Justic League,
  • Stranger Things S2,
  • Bright,
  • Avengers Infinity War,
  • Pacific Rim 2,
  • Ready Player One

Star Trek News!

  • Spock's sister,
  • Klingon Head Ridges and makeup,
  • Khan limited mini-series


  • George A. Romero,
  • Martin Landau

Road Trip

Soul Forge Podcast

Josh's Birthday

Supernatural Creature Mortal Combat Hypothetical


The Soul Forge Podcast

August 2, 2017

Introducing the newest endeavour from your ever-present host, Shawn Vanderloo!

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