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97: Suicide Squads from Other Fandoms

97: Suicide Squads from Other Fandoms

February 28, 2016

We choose the ultimate villains from various pop culture universes! 

  • Nicholas Meyer joins new Star Trek series,
  • We mark 1 year since the passing of Leonard Nimoy,
  • Google Car accidents,
  • Comic Book films through 2020,
  • Suicide Squad smack down!

96: Star Trek TV Series Casting

96: Star Trek TV Series Casting

February 21, 2016

We're in the writer's room, casting and creating the new Star Trek series..

  • We talk Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, and the X-Files crossover universe,
  • Movie sequels, Star Wars VIII,
  • Cast and crew of the new Star Trek, names and plots,
  • Tonight I'm Frakking You

95: The Explosions Channel

95: The Explosions Channel

February 14, 2016

Gravitational Waves and Star Trek, Deadpool and Explosions!! 

  • Bryan Fuller joins Star Trek,
  • Gravitational Waves,
  • Deadpool trivia and box office,
  • The Walking Dead returns,
  • Transformers and Terminator sequels,
  • Gargoyles TV and movie talk,
  • New York Toy Fair 2016,
  • Babylon 5 on blu ray?
  • Give your zombie lover your heart!

94: The Proportionality of Youth

94: The Proportionality of Youth

February 7, 2016

Our favourite sci-fi and fantasy weapons, plus:

  • Dungeons & Dragons update, kitty's car accident, attack on titan, flight of the
    navigator, super bowl larping, scifi weaponry (sword of omens, sword of power),
    macgyver reboot, robin's road report, a certain scientific railgun and a certain
    magical index, supergirl, star trek, star wars, iron man

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