The Rusted Robot
165: Killer Robots and the New Arms Race

165: Killer Robots and the New Arms Race

August 27, 2017

Elon Musk's letter to the U.N. 

  • We have a sponsor!
  • NOE Hallowe'en and New Year's events,
  • Watching ROBOCOP with children,
  • Saving humanity from killer robots,
  • Shane finally watched STAR TREK,
  • A DEFENDERS discussion,
  • The Punisher and Frankenstein Castle,
  • DOCTOR WHO news,
  • LITTLE EVIL on Netflix,
  • Hallowe'en Comic Fest,
  • Body limb modification,
  • Fantasy World Sports,
  • visit and enter promo code RUSTED
164: There’s Something In Those Trees

164: There’s Something In Those Trees

August 20, 2017

Who was Gene Roddenberry? 

  • DEFENDERS review,
  • PUNISHER teaser,
  • Obadiah Stane,
  • RIP Sonny Landham 1941-2017,
  • RIP Joi 'SJ' Harris,
  • TIMELESS gets a second season,
  • The Salty Canadian Podcast promo,
  • Sparky and Gunns,
  • Wrestling and Ric Flair,
  • Pokemon Go upgrades,
  • Knights and Magic anime,
  • And more...
163: Beardless Riker is Useless

163: Beardless Riker is Useless

August 13, 2017

Star Trek Discovery versus The Orville! 

Shin Godzilla review,

NETFLIX Round-up:

  • Voltron Season 3,
  • Death Note,
  • Glow,
  • Taking Earth

Anime Stuff:

  • Titan AE,
  • Beyond the Boundary 

He-Man/Thundercats, Curse Words comics,

NOE upcoming events,

Magic 2.0 audio book,

Abyss Creations Realbotix Harmony AI 'Realdolls' sexbots,

Mythological Creature Showdown!


162: Comic Con Trailers, Road Trips, and Star Trek

162: Comic Con Trailers, Road Trips, and Star Trek

August 6, 2017

Golden Age of Trailers!

  • Thor Ragnarok,
  • Justic League,
  • Stranger Things S2,
  • Bright,
  • Avengers Infinity War,
  • Pacific Rim 2,
  • Ready Player One

Star Trek News!

  • Spock's sister,
  • Klingon Head Ridges and makeup,
  • Khan limited mini-series


  • George A. Romero,
  • Martin Landau

Road Trip

Soul Forge Podcast

Josh's Birthday

Supernatural Creature Mortal Combat Hypothetical

The Soul Forge Podcast

The Soul Forge Podcast

August 2, 2017

Introducing the newest endeavour from your ever-present host, Shawn Vanderloo!

This is the first episode of the Soul Forge Podcast.

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