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217: Steel City NerdCon

217: Steel City NerdCon

September 30, 2018

An insider's look into Sault Ste. Marie's first Nerdcon!

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is a border town located right across the river from Soo, Michigan.  This year, Mike from Vintage Games and Junque at 165 Queen Street East, in Soo, Canada put together the first of its kind comic book convention.  Mike has an amazing store where you can find almost anything, including vintage video games and action figures, to antique furniture, records, comics and similar such items.  It's an amazing store you simply have to visit.

September 29 will go down in history as an amazing day in Soo history.  Mike hopes to make the convention an annual tradition.  This episode tells the story of the con and gives some of the highlights of the show.

There is also discussion regarding James McAvoy offering to play a young Captain Picard, and talk about the new Bumble Bee trailer from the Transformers franchise.

Also discussed are other conventions in and around Northern Ontario.

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216: Naked In The Batcave

216: Naked In The Batcave

September 23, 2018

Batman, Dare Devil, Joker, Stargirl, Captain Marvel, Star Trek and more...

  • Captain Marvel trailer,
  • Dare Devil season 3 trailer and release date,
  • Star Trek short treks dates and breakdown,
  • Joker movie cast and Joker origins discussion,
  • Batman and DC Black Label porn comic controversy,
  • Roseanne "The Connors" reboot, sitcom tropes and hilarious ideas,
  • Space Jam sequel movie news,
  • Vulcan homeworld discovered?
  • Patrick Stewart in Charlie's Angels reboot movie,
  • Avatar The Last Airbender live action series on Netflix,
  • Stargirl and DC's new streaming service,
  • The Predator movie review,
  • Josh's hunting adventure,
  • Jump City Hallowe'en Comic Fest,
  • Upcoming cons: SteelCity NerdCon, Thundercon

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215: Superman, Zombies and Bears

215: Superman, Zombies and Bears

September 16, 2018

Ranking the Supermen and surviving the Zombie hordes! 

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - new Netflix trailer,
  • Iron Fist season 2 and Star Trek references,
  • Zombie Apocalypse survival ranking by country,
  • The Superman ranking discussion,
  • Swamp Thing television series casting,
  • Kate Beckinsale and the Underworld movie franchise,
  • Stranger Things comic books,
  • Overpopulation and dome living,
  • Spoilers and watching tv shows together,
  • Bears in our town,
  • Jump City Comics and Collectibles

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214: Respect The Batman

214: Respect The Batman

September 9, 2018

Batman, Comic Books, Justice League, Doctor Who, Thundercats and a Star Trek Day celebration!! 

  • Burt Reynolds 1936 - 2018,
  • Doctor Who season 11 premiere date revealed,
  • Thundercats movie rumour with Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay,
  • Mattel Films launches (properties include: Thundercats, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Masters of the Universe),
  • Iron Fist season 2,
  • The Dragon Prince trailer,

Birthday shenanigans!

Remakes and subverted expectations.

Comic books and Funko Pops talk.

Justice League battle scenarios.

Random TV and movie talk: Attack The Block, WKRP In Cincinnati, Star Trek Discovery, She-Ra, Teen Titans, Voltron, Disenchanted.

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213: The Predator - Born To Hunt

213: The Predator - Born To Hunt

September 2, 2018

Can The Predator be a good movie? 

  • We take a hard look at the Predator and Alien film franchises,
  • The Predator red band trailer,
  • Marvel, Blade and Wesley Snipes movie talk rumours,
  • Netflix and Blizzard to make a Diablo series,
  • He-Man documentary review: Power of Grayskull,
  • Disenchanted on Netflix review,
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 3 on indefinite hold,
  • RIP Ghost Rider co creator Gary Friedrich 1943 - 2018

We have a pretty decent and in depth conversation about hunting and conservation, and we chat about Josh's new gasoline conversion kit for his bike. We discuss Shawn's birthday and party game ideas.  Then we talk about a new podcast Shawn is working on with his Twitter friend Sheamus.  And we ask you to vote on which decal Josh should get for his bike's gas tank.

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