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2 Geeks, A Lesbian and a Podcast - 235

2 Geeks, A Lesbian and a Podcast - 235

February 24, 2019

2 geeks are joined by a lesbian on this week's podcast to talk about space news, toys, fried chicken and more!

RIP Peter Tork 1942 - 2019,

Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity goes on its first flight with a test passenger to the edge of space,

Earth's atmosphere is much larger than we thought or suspected,

Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft lands on an asteroid to discover the secrets of the origin of the universe,

Chinese sci-fi hit film, The Wandering Earth, is coming soon to Netflix,

Nintendo: an intense discussion about the origins of Mario and new president of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser,

Twilight Zone reboot trailer gives us a good look at what to expect this April,

Chris Hemsworth to star as Hulk Hogan in the upcoming bio-pic from Netflix,

Marvel Cinematic Universe - a deep dive into the Brie Larson/Captain Marvel/fan boy controversy,

French Fencing Federation - recognition of lightsaber duelling as an official sport,

The Punisher and Jessica Jones officially cancelled by Netflix,

Robocop is being used to sell KFC's fried chicken,

Funko's Mumm Ra action figure review,

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My Battery Is Low And It’s Getting Dark - 234

My Battery Is Low And It’s Getting Dark - 234

February 17, 2019

My battery is low and it's getting dark are the saddest words ever uttered by a robot. This episode is dedicated to the longevity and importance of Opportunity, the Mars rover that lived 14 years beyond its desgned life span. The success of the mission cannot be underplayed.

Terminator Dark Fate - the 6th film in the Terminator franchise stars Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a female centric story that brings the series in a bold new direction according to producer James Cameron.

Tolkien - we play the trailer and talk about the creator of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series. The bio-pic film is coming to theatres on May 10.

Transparent solar panels are coming to a building or vehicle near you. This is another cool story about people trying to save the world for the future of humanity.

NASA plans to return to the moon within the next decade. They are currently looking at designs for human lunar landers, and have plans to reach out to Mars after setting up a permanent human base on the moon.

Mars One Ventures AG declares bankruptcy. The Dutch firm was planning on taking humans to Mars on a one way mission to populate the planet. This is no longer happening. The company had no money and was going to film reality shows following the crew's prep. Sponsors were to be the financial backers.

Brave New World - The USA network has a 10 episode first season TV adaptation in the works.

Frozen 2 is coming. Get ready for a whole new load of merchandise tie-ins and ear worm songs.

Master Of The Universe - the Sony movie will start filming in July in Prague. They've been trying to adapt the He-Man cartoon into a film since 2009.

Nickelodeon is close to a deal with CBS and Alex Kurtzman to get a child-centric Star Trek cartoon on the air.

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - After the success of the comic book crossover series, the powers that be are developing an animated movie where the turtles will meet and team up with Batman.

Amber Alert drama - we talk about the fall out from the midnight texts the people of Ontario received.

Valentines Day, Indian snacks, and Klingons on Parade.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? - 233

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? - 233

February 10, 2019

We are all geeks here, and we are asking, won't you be my neighbor? This week's episode is dedicated to one of our own, as we lost Dan Levitt, a fellow podcaster.

Star Trek Duvet from Thinkgeek review,

The Punisher - series wrap up and thoughts,

Carmen Sandiego - Netflix reboots the cartoon,

Russian Dolls - Josh recommends this series on Netflix,

Won't You Be My Neighbor? - review of the documentary and thoughts on the life of Fred Rogers,

Climate change and the ecology are real concerns. Elon Musk releases all of Tesla's patents to the world. A company out of Australia is developing a solar paint for renewable fuel. Giraffes are on the endangered species list.

Child's Play is getting the remake treatment and we have some thoughts on that.

Pet Sematary is also getting a remake this year. We discuss this news.

Batman 1989. Shawn introduced the film to his son. What happens when you re-watch a beloved film so many years later?

Toy Story 4. It's coming soon!

Avengers Endgame. With a 3 hour run time, we may see the return of the intermission.

Star Trek! Picard series news.

Danai Gurira to leave The Walking Dead in season 10.

Hasbro and Transformers. More films are coming to the franchise.

We have feedback!

Cosmic horror survival hypothetical.

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Groundhogs and Plasma Rifles - 232

Groundhogs and Plasma Rifles - 232

February 3, 2019

We return with all the latest in geeky goodness. We have RPGs, groundhogs, plasma rifles, robots, ghosts, dragons, movies, food and more!

Star Trek Discovery - we're talking about the new Command Training Program t-shirts, the greatness of Captain Pike, and a speculation as for the difference in the uniforms on the various ships. As always, there is some talk of The Orville.

Robocop Returns. One of the greatest movies of the 1980s is getting a direct sequel. Directed by Neill Blomkamp, this film will ignore all others in the franchise.

Black Widow movie news, rumours and speculation.

Birds of Prey movie news.

Among The Shadows trailer. Lindsay Lohan returns to the silver screen in a horrible looking werewolf movie.

The Twilight Zone - it's coming to CBS All Access and we have the release date.

Battletech RPG - Josh fills us in on his new strategy game.

Ghostbusters. There's a new movie coming and naturally there is drama surrounding it.

Ben Affleck is out as the Batman, and we talk about Groundhog Day.

Klingon Assault Group had a gathering and a feast in Toronto. Shawn tells the tale.

Climate change, temperature extremes and the Aurora Borealis.

What we've been watching: The Dragon Prince, The Rain, Psychokinesis, Get Out.

RIP Dick Miller 1928 - 2019

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