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What We Left Behind - 249

What We Left Behind - 249

June 30, 2019

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a divisive series. Some fans absolutely love it, while others do not consider it to be very trekkie. No matter your opinion, it is an essential component of the Star Trek universe. Last month saw the release of the documentary about the series. Friend of the podcast, Daniel Peter Hitch, has seen the film and gives us 2 reviews. After some pop culture news of the week, our episode will feature a 7 minute, spoiler-free review of the documentary. After a promo for another podcast here on the ESO Network, Dan gives us a 24 minute spoiler-filled review.

  • Danny Boyle says there is a new 28 Days Later film in the working stages,
  • Star Trek Discovery season 3 to feature a non-binary character,
  • RIP Max Wright (Willie Tanner from ALF) 1943 - 2019

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Finger Licking Science - 248

Finger Licking Science - 248

June 23, 2019

Space, the future, movies, coffee and finger licking science!

This week the crew takes a look at some various science news. We've got t-shirts, and we are going back to the moon and the theatre.

NASA's Artemis mission is set to return astronauts to the moon starting in 2024. With an increased budget, the space agency is set to have a permanent presence on Luna by 2028. And this time, they want to include women for these moon missions.

Avengers Endgame will be returning to theatres this week with new footage. The movie will include about 6 minutes of deleted scenes, a tribute and an end credit sequence. The film is just shy of Avatar's box office record.

In news closer to home, Shawn is trying a bulletproof coffee recipe in hopes of increasing his energy levels. Josh is experimenting with Mead and it should be ready in about a month. We also talk about how unhygenic scientists licked their fingers and discovered artificial sweeteners.

Teegarden's star is only 12.5 lightyears away. The exciting bit is that it has at least 2 planets in the potential habitable zone. It's not that far, and there could be life!

In comic news, Kitty tells us about a new Usagi Yojimbo 3 part series. And next week sees the release of a Peter Porker Spider-Ham comic.

In random news, we discuss government space budgets, space elevators, carbon nano tubes, and active support structures. We finish off with a look at the timeline of futuristic movies.

Peter Allan Fields 1935 - 2019

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History of the Future - 247

History of the Future - 247

June 16, 2019

Retro futurism and the history of tomorrow! The future is here!

The Wandering Earth is this year's Chinese sci-fi smash hit. It's on Netflix and we give the film an in depth review.

Starfleet on Mars? There is a dune on Mars that sort of looks like the symbol of Starfleet from Star Trek. It's all over the news and geek sites. So naturally, we talk about it too!

Tarantino's Star Trek! This time we cover the non-news of Tarantino's R-rated Trek film. Yes, there's a script. No it hasn't been given the greenlight from Paramount. No one knows what it's about or who is in it.

The golden age of futurism. Our UK correspondant gives us a great look at the optimism of the 1950s and 1960s.

  • Techno utopian dreams,
  • flying carpet cars,
  • the classroom of tomorrow - distance learning,
  • CCTV and the police state,
  • electric and solar cars,
  • self-driving cars,
  • wall-to-wall TV, unlimited media and more

Other topics of discussion include mass transit systems, Lucifer, Jessica Jones and David Brin's Uplift series of books.

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The Kitty Cat Distraction - 246

The Kitty Cat Distraction - 246

June 9, 2019

Trailers, toys and movie reviews! And a cat who wants to be a podcaster...

Godzilla King of the Monsters review,

X-Men Dark Phoenix review,

Detective Pikacho review,

Marvel Box Sets,

X-Men Animated series to get possible continuation,

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trailer,

Ad Astra trailer,

Lego Lunar Lander set,

Lady Jason PVC statue,

Sexy Halloween costumes,

The Mid Winter Witch comic

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Splitting Timelines - 245

Splitting Timelines - 245

June 2, 2019

This week we are splitting the timelines and everyone is becoming Sam.

John Wick 3 - Shawn has seen the film and gives you a spoiler-free review and rating.

Detective Pikacho - Josh tells us that his wife has seen the film and enjoyed it.

STAR TREK: The Picard series teaser trailer has been released and we break it down and discuss our thoughts and speculations. There is a rumour that Brent Spiner may somehow reprise his role as Data. And we have release date details for the Deep Space Nine documentary, What We Left Behind.

X-Men's Dark Phoenix will be released next week, and Godzilla King of the Monsters is out now and we talk about its Rotten Tomatoes score and box office so far.

Terminator Dark Fate - the trailer is out and we have some thoughts on where they are taking the franchise next.

Rambo Last Blood - the first trailer for John Rambo's last adventure has been released. We have some mixed reactions but believe it is going to be full of action.

Future Travel - our UK Correspondant has a report on the future of planetary rocket travel and the hyperloop.

Masters of the Universe - we have a teaser poster and possible release date for the film.

Quantum Leap - long lost footage of the series finale has just surfaced.

Alien - Ridley Scott is writing the script for an upcoming Alien prequel.

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