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So Furry It Tickles - 253

So Furry It Tickles - 253

July 28, 2019

Marvel, Star Trek, time travel, trailers and more!

  • Marvel announces all the movies in the MCU for the next 2 upcoming years,
  • Stan Lee will get part of a street in the Bronx named after him due to a recent vote by the New York City council,
  • Wesley Snipes responds to Marvel recasting his Blade character,
  • X-Men Dark Phoenix is getting rebranded for its home video release in hopes of making a profit,
  • Zombieland 2: Double Tap trailer
  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood trailer
  • Star Trek Short Trek Comic Con trailer
  • Star Trek Picard trailer
  • Levar Burton Reads podcast discussion,
  • Mumm Ra statue review from Sideshow Toys,
  • Terminator style time travel hypothetical scenario question

Jeremy Kemp 1935 - 2019

Rutger Hauer 1944 - 2019

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To The Moon & Beyond - 252

To The Moon & Beyond - 252

July 21, 2019

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing! San Diego Comic Con news, and the July issue of the UK Correspondant.

  • 50 years after Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, conspiracy theories, jobs and money on the moon colonies, the recent lunar eclipse, going back to the moon.
  • Were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles monsters?
  • The Walking Dead movie is going to theatres.
  • Edward Furlong will return as John Connor in Terminator Dark Fate.
  • Star Trek headlines of the week and the Picard trailer.
  • Cats - the musical as a theatrical film.
  • The Movies That Made Us coming to Netflix.
  • Mattel to release the Origins Line of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in late 2020. With all new sculpts and more points of articulation, they will be available at the same time as the new MOTU film.
  • Childhood toy memories.
  • Attack of the Killer Tomatoes movie reboot starts filming.
  • Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie lists an impressive cast.
  • Brandon Routh will once again be playing Superman in the DCTV Crisis on Infimite Earths tv event this fall.

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Space Dogs and Moon Treks - 251

Space Dogs and Moon Treks - 251

July 14, 2019

Robots, dogs, movies, Area 51, the postal system and Star Trek!

Happy 79th birthday to Patrick Stewart, and happy Con Air Day to the rest of you. On this episode we discuss random movie memories from childhood, Josh tells us about the oddities of the Japanese postal system, and we take a look at the latest TV and movie news. We also say goodbye to our favourite nerdy website, ThinkGeek.

  • Area 51 - it looks as though the Army of Unfuckable Hate Nerds are set to storm Area 51 on September 20th in order to get 'the truth'
  • India is set to launch a space probe that will land on the Moon's south pole in early September. Further launches hope to see them land people on the moon in 2022.
  • Another Life - we discuss the trailer for the Neflix orginal series starring Katee Sackhoff. The series drops on July 25.
  • Doctor Who's K-9 will be getting its own children's show. No word on who is producing the series or when it will be released. Also no word on if the Doctor will be seen or referenced.
  • Mortal Kombat - the new movie that is coming in 2021 has been confirmed to be R-rated, and will included Fatalities.

In Star Trek news, Star Trek Picard has released a teaser poster. It's a man and his dog. The art looks great. Fans are busy speculating and ripping the poster apart for meaning. Trek author David Mack has been named as consultant on the upcoming animated Trek series Lower Decks. He is also involved in either the new Nickelodeon children's CG Trek, or another altogether third cartoon Trek.


Eddie Jones 1934 - 2019

Rip Torn 1931 - 2019

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Even Dead I’m The Hero - 250

Even Dead I’m The Hero - 250

July 7, 2019

Spider-Man Far From Home review, comic book and movie news, and action figures!

This week on the podcast, we are celebrating our 250th episode. We have feedback and segment suggestions. We have a couple of movies to discuss. And as always, we are having a great time, drinking tea, and laughing.

  • Spider-Man Far From Home - a look at the film, some discussion, and our reviews,
  • Star Trek Picard names Michael Chaban as showrunner,
  • Expendables 4 update,
  • Charlie's Angels, Jumanji Next Level, I Am Mother, Hell on Wheels,
  • Star Trek action figures and Lord of the Rings,

Comic book news: Katie tells us about the new Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen comics that are our and on the way. We also learn all about the graphic novel Manfred the Man - Manfred Saves the Day.

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