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An Intro to Babylon 5 - 269

An Intro to Babylon 5 - 269

November 24, 2019

Babylon 5 is our main topic, but we are also covering Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Tesla and more!

The Babylon project was a dream given form. Its goal: to prevent another war, by creating a place where humans and aliens can work out their differences ... It became an incredible, ambitious show. The Rusted crew gives you an overview and introduction to the series which ran from 1994 to 1999. We talk about the plot, setting, characters, CGI, its realism, and the followup series Crusade.

Elon Musk recently unveiled Tesla's Cybertruck. The truck has its fans and its haters. One thing is for sure, it's getting a lot of attention.

Doctor Who! The series is returning on New Years Day. We discuss our favourite doctors and give our thoughts on the most recent season.

Star Trek's fourth movie in the JJ-verse has found its director. Noah Hawley is set to write and produce the film which will see Chris Pine return as Kirk. No word on plot or release date.

Star Wars! Jon Favreau will be directing the Star Wars universe for the forseeable future. He is set to become the creative director of the franchise, much like Kevin Feige in the Marvel universe.

Nicolas Cage is set to play Nicolas Cage. There is a meta movie coming soon loosely based on the actor's life. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent see Nic Cage trying to get into the next movie from Quentin Tarantino.

RIP Michael J. Pollard 1939 - 2019

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Desert Island Star Trek - 268

Desert Island Star Trek - 268

November 17, 2019

Desert Island Star Trek. What is that?

This week, we take a look back in time. The year was 2014. The Rusted Robot Podcast was less than a year old. We were trying to make a name for ourselves by guesting on as many other podcasts as we could.

The Ten Forward Podcast is the reason the Rusted Robot exists. If not for Sina and her crew, no one would have heard of us. This episode is the second time we came on as guests. Shawn spoke with Paul and Jarman about his 5 favourite episodes of Star Trek. The 5 episodes he would take if he were stranded on a desert island...hence, Desert Island Star Trek!

Who knew that 5 years later Shawn, Jarman and Paul would have all become such amazing friends. Get ready for a trip down memory lane. The nostalgia engines are running hot! This is Shawn's Desert Island Star Trek!

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Why Did Earth Explode - 267

Why Did Earth Explode - 267

November 10, 2019

Humanity will always be destroyed by robots. The time lines are ragged, but there's no time for grief--we gotta live! So why did the Earth explode? Let's find out!

Terminator Dark Fate review. Shawn watched the movie and gives an in depth review of the film. There are spoilers from 9:31 until the 16 minute mark.

Josh gives us a quick round up of the Anime he's been watching.

Peter Cullen to receive a lifetime achievement award for voice acting.

Another Life gets a second season order from Netflix.

The Invisible Man trailer.

The Dragon Prince season 3 trailer.

3022 trailer.

The Batman cast announcements are coming and they're impressive.

Darkside Collectibles 1/3 scale Captain Spock statue.

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That Star Wars Feeling - 266

That Star Wars Feeling - 266

November 3, 2019

A heavy focus on that Star Wars feeling this week!

We have the latest news on what is happening with the Star Wars franchise. Those guys from Game of Thrones are out! And we sprinkle Star Wars references throughout the episode.

Jumanji The Next Level releases its final trailer. What do we think?

Little Joe's trailer gives us a lot to talk about. The idea brings back memories of the original Star Trek episode, This Side of Paradise.

Daybreak on Netflix has a lot going for it.

Into The Spider-Verse 2 has a release date.

Also in this episode, we chat about Hallowe'en, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, Pokemon and Magic cards and turning cards into a Turing computer. We also talk about Josh in the dating game and several other podcasts. Podcasts mentioned this week include Lore, Tales, Mission Log, Soul Forge, A Play on Nerds, and LeVar Burton Reads.

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