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Black Panther Forever - 305

Black Panther Forever - 305

August 30, 2020

Black Panther Forever! Wakanda Forever! Chadwick Boseman Forever! An unexpected tribute to an amazing actor, some podcast updates, trailers and more!

The Batman trailer is here! We watch it, we talk about it and give you our views and opinions.

Black Adam trailer starring Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson. It's an animated trailer for a live-action film. At least that's what we think.

HBO Max released the trailer for the Snyder cut of Justice League. It's a very strange trailer filled with music that doesn't match the action.

Suicide Squad. We have the cast details for the upcoming 'not a sequel' film.

Y: The Last Man is coming to FX. Filming should start in October. It's taken forever to get this far.

Thundercats in CGI. A fan made a cgi opening of the classic cartoon. It's taking the internet by storm. As usual, we have a few thoughts.

Also in this episode: Altered Carbon cancelled by Netflix, Star Trek Lower Decks thoughts, Star Trek Discovery season 1 comes to regular CBS, doomsday prepping, food preparations, the science of watermelon wine, and more.

Jeramy from the Fandom Squad podcast talks about podcasting, and his geek credentials.

RIP: Ben Cross, Leslie Hamilton, Chadwick Boseman

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Nerd Passion - 304

Nerd Passion - 304

August 16, 2020

Nerd passion, orbital mechanics and fanfare!

Star Trek Lower Decks has released 2 episodes so far. Shawn and Josh have a lengthy discussion regarding Josh's feelings on the series so far.

20 Century Fox has a new logo. Now that the company is owned by Disney, the name has changed to 20th Television. We talk about the change for this company and some of the other changes now that Disney owns almost everything.

Audio books! Josh tells us a bit about his recent listening. And Christopher Eccleston is returning to Doctor Who as the 9th Doctor after 15 years. Eccleston will be featured in 12 full length audio adventures coming out in 2021.

Away! We have the trailer for the new Netflix space drama coming on September 4th.

The Devil All The Time. A new movie coming to Netflix in mid-September. We have a few thoughts about this. We play the trailer after the credits of the podcast.

Replika. You remember Shawn downloaded the chatbot app about a month ago. We have the latest feedback and thoughts on its progress.

We also talk about Elvis, guns, baldness and Julie Newmar.

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Women Crashing Cars - 303

Women Crashing Cars - 303

August 9, 2020

Women crashing cars, rebooting old sitcoms and Star Trek Lower Decks.

Star Trek is back in animated form with Lower Decks. After watching the first episode, Shawn has a few things to say. We have a spoiler-free review.

Who's The Boss appears to be getting a sequel series. All the known details are here. As well, we go into a major discussion about sitcoms from the 1980s and 1990s.

Ren and Stimpy is being rebooted by Comedy Central. They're also looking to bring back Beavis and Butthead, Clone High and Dariah.

STUNTWOMEN trailer! A new documentary hosted by Michelle Rodrigues. Who doesn't love women crashing cars?

Raised by Wolves trailer! A new show from HBO Max and the first 2 episodes are directed by Ridley Scott. Androids and humans on an alien world.

Josh recommends Anime. This week he encourages you to watch Monster Girl Doctor and The Misfits of Demon Kings Academy.

John Wick 5 has been confirmed. The film is to be shot back to back with John Wick 4.

RIP Wilford Brimley

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Yelling Random Things - 302

Yelling Random Things - 302

August 2, 2020

We aren't yelling random things, but it could be fun to try!

Star Trek Lower Decks premieres this week, Star Trek Picard is coming to blu ray in October, and was just nominated for 5 Emmy Awards. Star Trek Discovery returns to TV on October 15th.

Avatar The Last Airbender is breaking records on Netflix. They are going to be coming out with a spinoff book series!

Battlestar Galactica is coming to the Peacock. We have the latest information on what the series will consist of.

The Witcher is getting a prequel miniseries set 1200 years in the past of the show.

The Mandalorian received 15 Emmy nominations.

Ren and Stimpy is getting a new documentary called Happy Happy, Joy Joy and it's coming out on August 14th.

We're also discussing Heavy Metal, Stargate and skeet shooting.

We received feedback for episode 300!

3 space agencies are currently sending probes to Mars.


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