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Naughty and Nice - 316

Naughty and Nice - 316

November 29, 2020

Talking art, anime, Terminators, Star Trek, comic books and more!

The Big Tease by Bruce Timm. Kitty from Jump City Comics and Collectibles gives us her review of this provocative art books. Featuring drawings and sketches from many years, Bruce Timm (who worked on Batman The Animated Series) shares his naughty side.

Star Trek Discovery's 7th episode was quite powerful and emotional. We have a spoiler-filled review of the episode this week. Tying the various series together, this week's show included many references. We hear the names Picard, Yelchin and we view Leonard Nimoy's Spock.

Patrick Stewart receives a lifetime achievement award from the Young Artists Academy. Touching tributes are provided by Rod Roddenberry, Sir Ian McKellan and Jonathon Frakes.

Baby Yoda gets a real name. There's a monolith in the Utah Desert. The Expanse gets a 6th and final season. We rank the Terminator films. Kitty talks Boss Baby and other children's shows. Josh talks about the upcoming sequels and other releases from the world of anime. Kitty reviews the Moonshine comic book. And Josh tells us all about the Quarter Share series of audio book podcasts from Nathan Lowell.

Shawn will be doing a livestream on Thursday, December 3rd at 2:30pm Eastern standard time. Go to for all the details. It's a weeklong celebration starting on November 29th.

This week's celebrity deaths include David Hemblen who died at age 79. Among other roles, he provided the voice for Magneto in X-Men: The Animated Series.

We also just lost David Prowse who wore the Darth Vader costume in the 3 original Star Wars films. He passed away after recording this episode.

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Godzilla, Mech Suits and the Geek Soul - 315

Godzilla, Mech Suits and the Geek Soul - 315

November 22, 2020

Mixing science fiction and real life is our specialty. This week The Rusted Robot Podcast presents Godzilla, mech suits and the geek soul. When your geeky is leaky, you come to the number 1 rated, robot related podcast!

This week we watched Midsommer Murders, Moonbase 8, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Avengers End Game and Star Trek Discovery's 6th episode of season 3. Josh and Kitty showed Kindergarten Cop to their son, and Supernatural came to an end after 15 seasons.

The Predator film franchise is getting a fifth installment. No word on the story line, the cast, or when it will be released.

Wonder Woman 84 is set to be shown on the big screen this year, after all. The film will be in theatres and on HBO Max on Christmas day.

Stranger Things resumed filming season 4 back in mid-September. This week they announced 8 new cast members, including Robert Englund.

The Arecibo array in Puerto Rico is in bad shape. Support cables have been snapping this summer. It is too dangerous to allow workers to repair the system. In a huge blow to the NSF, and science in general, the dish is being demolished. The array is part of SETI or, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. In related news, METI or Message to Extraterrestrial Intelligence added Star Trek's Anson Mount to its board of directors.

Tom and Jerry trailer. We have the trailer. We discuss the trailer. You will hear our thoughts on the trailer and cartoon violence in general.

Chaos Walking trailer. Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley star in this weird sci-fi film where no women exist and people can see each other's thoughts.

LEGO unveils its largest playset yet. LEGO is hoping to challenge and impress shoppers with the brand new Lego Colosseum, which checks in at over 9,000 pieces, making it the largest Lego set to-date. The colosseum Lego set, which will be available to buy on Nov. 27, is part of the brand’s Creator Expert line, which is designed for builders over the age of 18 years old.

We have the answers to our Mech Suit hypothetical question, and a call to our listeners to help Dan track down an anime film from his youth.

And finally, we say good bye to Herbert F. Solow. Solow was integral to getting Star Trek on the air, and he created the stardate system.

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The Witch, the Slave Girl and Pi - 314

The Witch, the Slave Girl and Pi - 314

November 15, 2020

Space travel, watching classic movies with kids, sequels and racial stereotypes!

This week we have trailers for several slightly different genre films. We talk about some things we watched this week, and we give you the latest news on upcoming films and television shows.

Come Play featurette: not quite a trailer, but more of a behind the scenes look at a new horror film made with practical effects like those of the 1980s.

Superintelligence is a trailer featuring Melissa McCarthy. There is an AI and it might try to blow up the world. Coming to HBO this month.

Breach is the new Bruce Willis action flick set in space. Looks like a cross between Die Hard, Aliens, and a zombie movie.

Josh and Kitty watched The Matrix and Conan the Barbarian with their 11 year old son. They tell us a bit about that experience. Shawn watched part of Breakfast At Tiffany's but fell asleep. Also this week, we continued with Blood of Zeus, finished Warrior Nun, and talk about episode 5 of Star Trek Discovery's third season.

Also watched this week and discussed are: The Old Guard, In The Shadow of the Moon, Peppermint and Gemini Man.

We have sequels coming up. Short Circuit is getting a remake. This leads us to a chat about racial stereotypes in cinema. Bloodshot is getting a follow-up with Vin Diesel. Chris Pratt will play Star Lord in Thor 4. And the Has Fallen franchise with Gerard Butler is getting a fourth film called Night Has Fallen.

And finally, Wandavision is coming to Disney+ on January 15, 2021. SpaceX was to launch 4 astronauts to the ISS in an historic flight as of the recording of this episode. Josh and Kitty tell us about the Tasting History channel on YouTube.

Celebrities we lost this week include Ken Spears the co-creator of Scooby-Doo who died at age 82. Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy (among others) lost his battle to cancer at the age of 80.

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Exploding Whales and Body Hoppers - 313

Exploding Whales and Body Hoppers - 313

November 8, 2020

Never go full GEEK! A bit of an unusual episode this week. We have all of the regular nerdy news and reviews you expect, but we also talk quite a bit about current events. Covering USA election news, the lives of moose in Northern Ontario, and how Whole Foods banned and then reversed their decision on wearing poppies.

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special trailer. The only trailer we cover this week is a fun mash-up of the entire Star Wars film and television franchise. Streaming on Disney+ as of November 17th.

Sony's PlayStation 5 is having trouble. There will not be enough consoles in store on November 12 launch day. This is mainly due to COVID restrictions and scalpers buying up all the pre-order stock to sell on eBay.

Johnny Depp exits from the Fantastic Beasts film franchise.

Things we watched this week! Talking about Blood of Zeus, The Boys and The Witcher. Also discussing episode 4 of Star Trek Discovery's third season. We have reviews on Upgrade and Project Power. We wrap up TV talk with Lucifer, Ratched and a weird chat about reality TV.

Battle Mech suits based on animals of Earth. If you could design a battle suit inspired by a real creature, what would it be and why? Send your answers to

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Thank You Mr. Bond Connery - 312

Thank You Mr. Bond Connery - 312

November 1, 2020

Celebrating the life of the best James Bond, Mr. Sean Connery. We have a brief overview of his life and films. Gone too soon as the age of 90.

Listener feedback takes us to a discussion about Godzilla and Ultraman anime. Comic shop news brings us news about Super 7's TMNT action figures and Godzilla vinyl mini-figs.

Television shows we watched this week include The Boys on Amazon Prime. Warrior Nun on Netflix takes us down a rabbit hole. Star Trek Discovery leads us on a talk about how the character of Michael Burnham has changed. The first episode of the Mandalorian is out.

Stephen King's son Joe Hill wants to reboot his dad's directorial debut by remaking Maximum Overdrive. This sounds like a lot of fun and a great idea!

Marvel is looking for Black writers to work on the new Blade film. Quite a discussion ensues because of this idea. Buck Rogers looks to be making a big comeback on both the big and small screens. Oscar Isaac will be in the new Moon Knight series from Disney+

The Midnight Sky trailer premiers this week. George Clooney is trying to save astronauts from returning to the decimated Earth.

NASA announces water on the moon!

MEGO Toys is bringing us some Star Trek Discovery action figures and some TNG villains.

Wonder Woman statue review.

We have a fun discussion about art and pop culture. There is also a chunk of this episode missing. We started talking about being embarrassed to display your geek pride. Due to the conversation being so long and detailed, we are making it into an episode of the Soul Forge Podcast. That episode will be out this coming Thursday. You can check out the podcast by going to

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