The Rusted Robot

203: Star Trek and Superheroes

June 24, 2018

So much Star Trek and Comic Book Superhero news! 

  • The life and times of Koko the Gorilla, Penny Patterson and the question of sentience,
  • Orville season 2 casting and premiere news,
  • Luke Cage season 2 first impressions,
  • Van Helsing on Netflix,
  • Web Toons online comics,
  • Opposite gender superhero mind-minder

Star Trek and Alex Kurtzman:

  • 5 years and the $25 Million producing deal,
  • More animated Star Trek,
  • Khan Noonien Singh mini-series,
  • Starfleet Academy,
  • Captain Picard could be back,
  • Tribbles on parade and further speculation

Comic Book News:

  • Injustice vs He-Man and the Masters of the Universe,
  • Star Trek vs The Transformers crossover event,
  • Holy Matrimony Batman issue #50
  • Batman, Superman and the secret identity paradox

This week's podcast promo: The Monster SciFi Show