The Rusted Robot

216: Naked In The Batcave

September 23, 2018

Batman, Dare Devil, Joker, Stargirl, Captain Marvel, Star Trek and more...

  • Captain Marvel trailer,
  • Dare Devil season 3 trailer and release date,
  • Star Trek short treks dates and breakdown,
  • Joker movie cast and Joker origins discussion,
  • Batman and DC Black Label porn comic controversy,
  • Roseanne "The Connors" reboot, sitcom tropes and hilarious ideas,
  • Space Jam sequel movie news,
  • Vulcan homeworld discovered?
  • Patrick Stewart in Charlie's Angels reboot movie,
  • Avatar The Last Airbender live action series on Netflix,
  • Stargirl and DC's new streaming service,
  • The Predator movie review,
  • Josh's hunting adventure,
  • Jump City Hallowe'en Comic Fest,
  • Upcoming cons: SteelCity NerdCon, Thundercon

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