The Rusted Robot

218: The Young Female Heroine Trope

October 7, 2018

Venom, Star Trek, Doctor Who, BumbleBee and the female hero! 

  • Star Trek Discovery Short Treks episode "Runaway" review,
  • Doctor Who returns this weekend and we're discussing our love of the Doctor,
  • BumbleBee trailer review and Transformers talk,
  • Dark Phoenix - a new X-Men universe film trailer is here and we break it down,
  • Venom - a quick review of the film,
  • Mortal Engines - the latest trailer is here and it makes no sense,
  • A lengthy chat about female heroes, the tropes and the drawbacks,
  • Night Terrors Film Fest 3 is here in town and we talk Jaws,
  • Steel City NerdCon wrap and review

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