The Rusted Robot

220: Danny Trejo Kinda Afternoon

October 21, 2018

Danny Trejo, flesh masks and the gross wetness!

  • Luke Cage cancelled by Netflix,
  • They Live sequel or reboot tease,
  • The Thing (1982) and Night Terrors Film Fest,
  • Superman series coming to CW DCTV?
  • Danny Trejo in Food and Familia,
  • The Kid Who Would Be King trailer,
  • Oblivion Song comic review,
  • The Haunting of Hill House review,
  • Vampires and other demonic creatures,
  • Hallmark Star Trek ornaments,
  • Movies we mentioned: Ghostbusters, Annihilation, A Ghost Story, the Die Hard franchise, all the Predator films,
  • RIP Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) 1953 - 2018

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