The Rusted Robot

Nerd Passion - 304

August 16, 2020

Nerd passion, orbital mechanics and fanfare!

Star Trek Lower Decks has released 2 episodes so far. Shawn and Josh have a lengthy discussion regarding Josh's feelings on the series so far.

20 Century Fox has a new logo. Now that the company is owned by Disney, the name has changed to 20th Television. We talk about the change for this company and some of the other changes now that Disney owns almost everything.

Audio books! Josh tells us a bit about his recent listening. And Christopher Eccleston is returning to Doctor Who as the 9th Doctor after 15 years. Eccleston will be featured in 12 full length audio adventures coming out in 2021.

Away! We have the trailer for the new Netflix space drama coming on September 4th.

The Devil All The Time. A new movie coming to Netflix in mid-September. We have a few thoughts about this. We play the trailer after the credits of the podcast.

Replika. You remember Shawn downloaded the chatbot app about a month ago. We have the latest feedback and thoughts on its progress.

We also talk about Elvis, guns, baldness and Julie Newmar.

This week's podcast promo: Earth Station One

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