The Rusted Robot

The Circular Logic of Flat Earth - 236

March 3, 2019

Star Trek news, movie trailers, and circular logic of the Flat Earth Society!

  • Canada partners with NASA's Lunar Gateway project to send humans to the moon on a permanent basis starting in 2022,
  • Behind The Curve - the Flat Earth documentary on Netflix presents some interesting ideas on the flat earth theory...the Rusty crew has a lot to say on this topic,
  • The Dragon Prince - this Netflix cartoon is impressive for its portrayal of lesbian inter-racial romance, but we are concerned by the 'bury your gays' trope,
  • Critters The New Binge - coming to Shudder on March 21, this television series promises all the low budget horror and humour you'd expect from the Critters movie series,
  • Hellboy red band trailer - we are tentatively excited about the new film,
  • Dark Phoenix trailer - the trailer makes the film look like crap, but we are going to see it in theatres anyway, because it is an X-Men film. And this leads us into a discussion of Hugh Jackman (a handsome, handsome man), and who should play the character in future films,
  • LeVar Burton to be honoured with the Inamori Ethics Prize for his outstanding global ethical leadership as an advocate for such important and worthy causes. First awarded in 2008, the prize honors outstanding international ethical leaders whose actions and influence have greatly improved the human condition,
  • Rambo: Last Blood gets a release date and plot synopsis,
  • Edge of Tomorrow sequel news,
  • Manfred Saves the Day graphic novel news,
  • RIP Katherine Helmond 1929 - 2019


  • Hanelle Culpepper is the first female to direct the launch of a Star Trek series as she will be responsible for the first 2 episode of the Picard series,
  • Picard series plot details and character breakdowns,
  • Star Trek Discovery renewed for season 3,

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