Rivet’s Ready Room #8: Event Horizon

October 29, 2014

A review of Event Horizon, just in time for Hallowe'en!

  • Kiall looks at the genre of science fiction-horror films,
  • A special focus on Event Horizon,
  • We play a promo for Just Because: Inside The Voiceover Studio

Episode 47: The STAR TREK, Just Star Trek Show

October 26, 2014

Star Trek and 47 go together like PB and J.  So do we!

  • We talk favorite characters, episodes, movies,
  • We discuss the new J.J. Trek,
  • Our earliest Star Trek memories and experiences,
  • We mark the anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's passing,
  • Starship of the month collectibles,
  • Data profile,
  • Special thanks to This Week in Trek podcast!

Episode 46: A Game of Risk with the Trifecta of Doom

October 19, 2014

Re-teaching Brigitte about the game of Risk - World Domination!

  • Sci-Fi Trivia with out-of-town guest Frank!
  • We talk about Risk, Ebola, and the rain,
  • Nerd Block and Horror Block,
  • Destination London Star Trek review from Firbob:
  • Firbob's Youtube channel link: http://youtu.be/6U3vnCoq_3w
  • And plenty of Rick Moyer references!

Episode 45: The Flash versus Arrow

October 12, 2014

Discussion and breakdown of the premiere episodes of The Flash and Arrow.

  • Spoiler-filled review of the season's first episodes,
  • Listener feedback and Doctor Who discussion,
  • Rusted Run On Cinema and Trivia,
  • Star Trek Minimates Legacy Wave, 
  • Turkatron robot profile,
  • Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Rusties!

Episode 44: Getting William Shatner as Kirk in Star Trek 3 (13)

October 5, 2014

We speculate on how to include Shatner's Captain Kirk in the next Star Trek film!

  • Will we have a Shat Attack in Trek 2016?
  • Rusted Run-On Cinema,
  • Trivia in a Trunk,
  • Starship of the Month, 
  • Robot With a Smile profile  <a>robotwithasmile.wordpress.com</a>

Rivet’s Ready Room #7

October 1, 2014

The 1978 original release of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

  • Meet Firbob, AKA Paul Wright from Ten Forward Podcast, 
  • Learn the history of Douglas Adam's seminal work,
  • We play a promo for the Ten Forward Podcast