199: Star Wars, Thundercats and Robots

May 27, 2018

Let's talk about capes! 

Star Wars News:

  • Boba Fett movie news,
  • Obi Wan movie?
  • Lando Calrissian movie?

Star Trek theme park rumours,

Jake Gyllanhaal cast as Mysterio in Spiderman Homecoming sequel,

TCAF: Toronto Comic Arts Festival,

DeadPool 2 review,

Thundercats Roar controversy and mixed reactions,

Magnum PI reboot,

Season 2 of The Toys That Made Us, and 13 Reasons Why,

Cloak and Dagger TV series,

Our top 5 favourite robots,

#1 on our Top 10 fictional robot countdown!

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RPGs: A Role Playing Games Primer Episode

May 20, 2018

Gamer's Corner!

RPG Systems:

  • Palladium, Dungeons and Dragons, Ars Magica

Dungeon/Game Master Styles

Game Tropes

Dice Types and Shapes

Games We've Played:

  • Dead Reign,
  • Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition,
  • D&D 5th Edition,
  • Starfinder/Pathfinder,
  • The Dresden Files,
  • Cyber Generation,
  • Rabbits and Warrens,
  • Robotech,
  • My Little Pony Tails of Equestria

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198: Star Wars, Marvel’s MCU and Mothers of Sci-Fi

May 13, 2018

Star Wars live action TV series! 

  • Happy Mother's Day,
  • Bill and Ted 3,
  • The MCU,
  • Rambo 5 will be a thing,
  • Luke Cage season 2 trailer,
  • Rick Moranis, SpaceBalls and the Goldbergs,
  • Tremors and other cancelled TV shows,
  • Plastic Crack toy documentary,
  • The Predator trailer,
  • Incredibles 2,
  • Robin Hood's new movie,
  • 2036 Origin Unknown,
  • Captain Marvel sneak peek,
  • #2 on our Top 10 fictional robot countdown!

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197: The Avengers, Swamp Thing and Celine Dion

May 6, 2018

Definition of a Disney Princess...

  • Avengers and the $1 Billion threshold,
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer,
  • Deadpool 2 and Celine Dion,
  • The Toys That Made Us season 2,
  • He-Man and the MOTU movie news,
  • Swamp Thing TV and DC streaming service,
  • Animated Star Trek logic,
  • Robocop vs the Terminator,
  • #3 on our Top 10 fictional robot countdown!

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196: To Infinity War and Beyond!

April 29, 2018

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR non-spoiler review!

  • Comicon Timmins wrap-up,
  • AVENGERS thoughts and ratings,
  • VENOM trailer review,
  • JOHN WICK 3 synopsis,
  • Star Trek News (multiple movies confirmed, first female director in the franchise, Star Trek Discovery season 2 trailer, casting news, etc...),
  • Clare McConnell nominated for the Canadian Comedy Awards; go vote at https://www.canadiancomedyawards.org/
  • Lost In Space debate and discussion,
  • Bill Cosby found guilty on all charges,
  • RIP Verne Troyer 1969 - 2018,
  • Fictional item hypothetical,
  • #4 on our Top 10 fictional robot countdown!

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195: We Get Lost In Space During A Star Trek

April 15, 2018

Toys, Trailers, Robots, TV and Stan Lee!

  • Lost In Space -- our first impressions,
  • Star Trek - more movies, and a new Pike,
  • Kevin Smith and Stan Lee,
  • Jessica Jones gets a 3rd season,
  • Saving Toys R Us,
  • THE MEG trailer,
  • FUTURE WORLD trailer,
  • Black Panther sinks the Titanic,
  • Milos Forman 1932-2018,
  • #5 on our Top 10 fictional robot countdown!

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194: Stan Lee And The Last Starfighter

April 8, 2018

Happy First Contact Day!

  • Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series,
  • The Last Starfighter reboot?
  • Stan Lee's bloody comic book scandal,
  • Isao Takahata 1935-2018,
  • Studio Ghibli and sad movies,
  • Paige Davis and the return of Trading Spaces,
  • Comicon Timmins,
  • Auric's Full Beard beer launch,
  • Klingon Rumpus and Monster's Beard beer,
  • JoyCon in Dryden,
  • Stranger Things lawsuit,
  • CARGO,
  • Time travel hypothetical scenario,
  • #6 on our Top 10 fictional robot countdown!

Super Bonus Easter Weekend Surprise Crossover Episode

April 1, 2018

Surprise crossover podcast event of the century!!

End of Our Civilization via The Internet

12 Year Old Perspectives and Wisdom

The History of the Toys that Made US!

12th Season of Trailer Park Boys

Arrowverse Talk

Krypton TV Show Success Rate

Santa Clarita Diet

New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix News

Marvel and MCU Connections

Deadpool FX Cartoon Cancellation

Florida Man

Celebrity Deaths


193: Deadpool 2, Comic Cons, Movies, Beer and Waterproof Fish

March 25, 2018

Deadpool 2 and Comic Cons!

  • Northern Ontario Convention round-up,
  • Deadpool 2 trailer,
  • Terminal teaser trailer,
  • Tag trailer,
  • The last male Northern White Rhino,
  • Timmins Klingons and Compass Brewing,
  • Dungeons and Dragons,
  • Monty Python,
  • Iron Fist,
  • Podcasts and Comic Shops,
  • Waterproof fish,
  • #7 on our Top 10 fictional robot countdown!

192: Stephen Hawking, Star Trek, Toys, Robots and Comic Books

March 18, 2018

Stephen Hawking - Life, Legacy, Impact (1942 - 2018) 

  • Avengers Infinity War final trailer,
  • Star Trek Discovery Saturn Award Nominations,
  • Toys 'R' Us closing all USA stores,
  • Wolverine: The Long Night podcast,
  • Vamperonica and comic book news,
  • Good stuff on Netflix and audio books,
  • Top 10 fictional robot countdown!