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Kittens Are Better Than Movies - 241

Kittens Are Better Than Movies - 241

April 7, 2019

Kittens are better than movies according to Kitty. Do we believe her? You'll have to listen to find out!

This week we record a quick and dirty's getting late and there's no time for a major editing job. This is the raw version of the Rusted Robot Podcast. Get ready to hear us like never before!

Star Trek: we talk about First Contact Day which as everyone knows is April 5, 2063 when the Vulcans came to Earth. This leads us to a fun theory about the 3rd season of Star Trek Discovery and a fun way to keep Anson Mount and Ethan Peck on the series. Could it actually happen? Probably not, but it sure is fun to speculate! We end our Star Trek chat with a look at all the upcoming Hallmark Keepsake ornaments for 2019.

Disney/Fox. Now that the merger is complete, Disney is going to keep the Fox brand alive. They will use that division for R rated films and other content that Disney cannot use. As such, we may be getting more movies in the Alien and Planet of the Apes franchises.

Shazam. A spoiler-free review of the film.

Lucifer season 4. We have the Netflix trailer and we're talking all about the series.

The Dead Don't Die trailer. Looks like a fun zombie film with a pile of A-list actors. The same kind of fun film as Shaun of the Dead.

Joker trailer. We are not sure what to think of this thing. Could be extremely weird or a heck of a lot of fun. Marc Maron is in it. So that's cool.

Threadbare. Audio book series. Josh loves it.

Mythical creatures. We have the answers to last week's hypothetical question.

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Batman, Godzilla, Robots & Apes - 240

Batman, Godzilla, Robots & Apes - 240

March 31, 2019

Batman is 80, Godzilla can save us, robots are everywhere, and apes are not monkeys. Podcoin is the new app that pays you to listen to podcasts, and we break the 60,000 download mark!

This week we're talking a lot about Batman. Detective Comics releases issue 1000. Batman turns 80 years old, and to celebrate, Fathom Events is re-releasing the Batman films from the 80s and 90s for one day only. We're also talking about Gotham City and the difference between that and other superhero home towns.

Netflix shows: We have a bit to cover this week as we discuss Umbrella Academy, Big Mouth, Castlevania, and The Dragon Prince. We love cartoons!

We touch briefly on Star Trek Discovery and The Orville, but the big casting news is that Sonequa Martin-Green has been added to the cast of Space Jam 2 as the wife of Lebron James.

Also covered this week is time travel stories, Planet of the Apes and the difference between monkeys and chimpanzees, the Transformers films, and the new TMNT Shredder cheese shredder. Have you checked out the posters that Marvel releases for the Avengers EndGame film? Have you seen the parody memes?

Godzilla King of the Monsters trailer.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trailer.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold trailer.

We wrap up with a chat about Which-a-Way and Choose Your Own Adventure books. Your childhood was not complete without them!

This week's hypothetical question asks you what mythical beast would you choose as your faithful companion. Email your answers to

RIP Shane Rimmer 1929 - 2019

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Red Angel / Black Impala - 239

Red Angel / Black Impala - 239

March 24, 2019

The Red Angel, the Black Impala and third installments!

  • Bill and Ted Face The Music. We are finally getting the 3rd film in the franchise, and it's coming in 2020.
  • Star Trek Discovery reveals the identity of the Red Angel. They faked us out and turned a crappy concept into something amazing. Karen talks about her guest spot on the Women episode of DiscoTrek.
  • Supernatural is ending its run after its 15th season. Shawn learns about the series and the importance of the black Impala.
  • Lucifer. Great TV series with humour. Shawn has just discovered it on Netflix.
  • The Disney / Fox merger is finally complete in a deal worth $71.3 Billion. This doesn't mean too much other than massive layoffs for the moment. But the good news is that Ryan Reynolds will likely get to continue playing Deadpool while all the other X-Men characters will be re-cast.
  • Sliders may be going through a potential series revival according to star John Rhys-Davies. This leads us into a cool discussion about parallel dimensions.
  • Stranger Things season 3. The trailer has been dropped and we are looking forward to this season which debuts on July 4.
  • John Wick 3: Parabellum. The newest trailer for the 3 installment of the franchise looks violent. We can't wait to see what John Wick gets up to next. All because they killed his puppy.
  • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The 9th film from Quentin Tarantino gets a trailer and it looks like a lot of insane fun. May be a definite theatre watch.
  • Chugga debate. It's all over the internet. People want to know how many 'chuggas' before the 'choochoo'
  • Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game. Looks like fun, and you get to play as John McClane and try to save the hostages.

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Love Death and Robots - 238

Love Death and Robots - 238

March 17, 2019

From Captain Marvel reactions to robots, turtles and trailers, we have all your geeky pop culture news this week!

  • Captain Marvel - Josh and Kitty have watched the film and we have their reactions in a non spoiler review. Find out what they think of this movie.
  • Love Death and Robots - it's everything we enjoy. It's the new animated NSFW series of shorts from Netflix. It's an amazing show, but don't watch it with kids.
  • Cigars, pipes and tobacco - this week's podcast promo leads us down a short rabbit hole discussing smoking which is unusual for us.
  • Transformers - they are more than meets the eye and there are more sequels in the works from Hasbro and Paramount.
  • Alien - the Alien film franchise is having its 40th anniversary this year. As such, they are releasing 6 short films to celebrate. We have the details right here this week.
  • Batman - fans are demanding a Michael Keaton film in the Tim Burton movie universe, but directed by Ben Affleck. Will this be a Batman Beyond type film? Will it even happen?
  • Guardians of the Galaxy - Disney has re-hired James Gunn to write and direct the third film in the franchise. But he's also working on Suicide Squad 2. What's going to happen? Idris Elba is replacing Will Smith as Deadshot.


  • Avengers End Game - the third and final trailer is here, and it's really good. The film is coming soon and we are so excited. The trailer doesn't tell us much but it's amazing nonetheless.
  • Aladdin - the first trailer is here, and it's racially appropriate. We approve. We don't care for musicals but it looks decent
  • Prospect - an excellent trailer made in the style of 1990's era VHS tapes. A cool indie sci-fi film about survival.
  • Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Batman and the Turtles are teaming up in an all-new animated film coming this spring. Nothing more needs to be said. We are excited!

Star Trek Discovery season 2, episode 9 - fun, sad, illuminating episode. We laughed, we cried, we learned a lot about Ariam and Section 31. If you're not watching, you're missing out on great Trek.

Comics news - Kitty tells us all about Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight one shot comic and Auric's 5th issue is released at Toronto Comic Con this weekend.

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Hello Kitty Terminator and the End of Time - 237

Hello Kitty Terminator and the End of Time - 237

March 10, 2019

Hello Kitty, Star Trek, Terminator, The Orville, Blade and the end of time!

  • Marvel's Captain Marvel is breaking box office records despite the evil plot of the lonely fanboys to spoil the film,
  • Star Trek Discovery brings back the Talosians and has the best 'previously on' segment of all time. Of all time. Like ever, in the history of television. Like it's so good you guys, it gave me goosebumps.
  • The Orville is maturing into a great sci-fi series of its own. Yes, it still copies everything from Star Trek The Next Generation, but it's really fun stuff.
  • Arrow to end after season 8,
  • Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy since 1984, announces he has stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, but vows to fight it. He still has 3 years left on his contract.
  • Robert J Sawyer's WWW trilogy of books to be adapted into a television series. Says more of his work is set to be adapted. May give up writing books next year.
  • Hello Kitty movie in the works from New Line after Sanrio gives them the license for Kitty and other characters,
  • Blade - an R rated film from Marvel Studios is rumored to be in development with Wesley Snipes still the titular character,
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen 15 minutes of footage from Terminator Dark Fate. Says it's really good.
  • Star Trek Picard series casts Michelle Hurd and Santiago Cabrera,
  • X-Men Dark Phoenix international trailer looks way better than the domestic trailer,
  • Brightburn trailer - a look at evil Superman,

Rest In Peace:

  • Keith Flint 1969 - 2019,
  • Luke Perry 1966 - 2019,
  • King Kong Bundy 1957 - 2019,
  • Jan-Michael Vincent 1945 - 2019

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The Circular Logic of Flat Earth - 236

The Circular Logic of Flat Earth - 236

March 3, 2019

Star Trek news, movie trailers, and circular logic of the Flat Earth Society!

  • Canada partners with NASA's Lunar Gateway project to send humans to the moon on a permanent basis starting in 2022,
  • Behind The Curve - the Flat Earth documentary on Netflix presents some interesting ideas on the flat earth theory...the Rusty crew has a lot to say on this topic,
  • The Dragon Prince - this Netflix cartoon is impressive for its portrayal of lesbian inter-racial romance, but we are concerned by the 'bury your gays' trope,
  • Critters The New Binge - coming to Shudder on March 21, this television series promises all the low budget horror and humour you'd expect from the Critters movie series,
  • Hellboy red band trailer - we are tentatively excited about the new film,
  • Dark Phoenix trailer - the trailer makes the film look like crap, but we are going to see it in theatres anyway, because it is an X-Men film. And this leads us into a discussion of Hugh Jackman (a handsome, handsome man), and who should play the character in future films,
  • LeVar Burton to be honoured with the Inamori Ethics Prize for his outstanding global ethical leadership as an advocate for such important and worthy causes. First awarded in 2008, the prize honors outstanding international ethical leaders whose actions and influence have greatly improved the human condition,
  • Rambo: Last Blood gets a release date and plot synopsis,
  • Edge of Tomorrow sequel news,
  • Manfred Saves the Day graphic novel news,
  • RIP Katherine Helmond 1929 - 2019


  • Hanelle Culpepper is the first female to direct the launch of a Star Trek series as she will be responsible for the first 2 episode of the Picard series,
  • Picard series plot details and character breakdowns,
  • Star Trek Discovery renewed for season 3,

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2 Geeks, A Lesbian and a Podcast - 235

2 Geeks, A Lesbian and a Podcast - 235

February 24, 2019

2 geeks are joined by a lesbian on this week's podcast to talk about space news, toys, fried chicken and more!

RIP Peter Tork 1942 - 2019,

Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity goes on its first flight with a test passenger to the edge of space,

Earth's atmosphere is much larger than we thought or suspected,

Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft lands on an asteroid to discover the secrets of the origin of the universe,

Chinese sci-fi hit film, The Wandering Earth, is coming soon to Netflix,

Nintendo: an intense discussion about the origins of Mario and new president of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser,

Twilight Zone reboot trailer gives us a good look at what to expect this April,

Chris Hemsworth to star as Hulk Hogan in the upcoming bio-pic from Netflix,

Marvel Cinematic Universe - a deep dive into the Brie Larson/Captain Marvel/fan boy controversy,

French Fencing Federation - recognition of lightsaber duelling as an official sport,

The Punisher and Jessica Jones officially cancelled by Netflix,

Robocop is being used to sell KFC's fried chicken,

Funko's Mumm Ra action figure review,

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My Battery Is Low And It’s Getting Dark - 234

My Battery Is Low And It’s Getting Dark - 234

February 17, 2019

My battery is low and it's getting dark are the saddest words ever uttered by a robot. This episode is dedicated to the longevity and importance of Opportunity, the Mars rover that lived 14 years beyond its desgned life span. The success of the mission cannot be underplayed.

Terminator Dark Fate - the 6th film in the Terminator franchise stars Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a female centric story that brings the series in a bold new direction according to producer James Cameron.

Tolkien - we play the trailer and talk about the creator of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series. The bio-pic film is coming to theatres on May 10.

Transparent solar panels are coming to a building or vehicle near you. This is another cool story about people trying to save the world for the future of humanity.

NASA plans to return to the moon within the next decade. They are currently looking at designs for human lunar landers, and have plans to reach out to Mars after setting up a permanent human base on the moon.

Mars One Ventures AG declares bankruptcy. The Dutch firm was planning on taking humans to Mars on a one way mission to populate the planet. This is no longer happening. The company had no money and was going to film reality shows following the crew's prep. Sponsors were to be the financial backers.

Brave New World - The USA network has a 10 episode first season TV adaptation in the works.

Frozen 2 is coming. Get ready for a whole new load of merchandise tie-ins and ear worm songs.

Master Of The Universe - the Sony movie will start filming in July in Prague. They've been trying to adapt the He-Man cartoon into a film since 2009.

Nickelodeon is close to a deal with CBS and Alex Kurtzman to get a child-centric Star Trek cartoon on the air.

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - After the success of the comic book crossover series, the powers that be are developing an animated movie where the turtles will meet and team up with Batman.

Amber Alert drama - we talk about the fall out from the midnight texts the people of Ontario received.

Valentines Day, Indian snacks, and Klingons on Parade.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? - 233

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? - 233

February 10, 2019

We are all geeks here, and we are asking, won't you be my neighbor? This week's episode is dedicated to one of our own, as we lost Dan Levitt, a fellow podcaster.

Star Trek Duvet from Thinkgeek review,

The Punisher - series wrap up and thoughts,

Carmen Sandiego - Netflix reboots the cartoon,

Russian Dolls - Josh recommends this series on Netflix,

Won't You Be My Neighbor? - review of the documentary and thoughts on the life of Fred Rogers,

Climate change and the ecology are real concerns. Elon Musk releases all of Tesla's patents to the world. A company out of Australia is developing a solar paint for renewable fuel. Giraffes are on the endangered species list.

Child's Play is getting the remake treatment and we have some thoughts on that.

Pet Sematary is also getting a remake this year. We discuss this news.

Batman 1989. Shawn introduced the film to his son. What happens when you re-watch a beloved film so many years later?

Toy Story 4. It's coming soon!

Avengers Endgame. With a 3 hour run time, we may see the return of the intermission.

Star Trek! Picard series news.

Danai Gurira to leave The Walking Dead in season 10.

Hasbro and Transformers. More films are coming to the franchise.

We have feedback!

Cosmic horror survival hypothetical.

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Groundhogs and Plasma Rifles - 232

Groundhogs and Plasma Rifles - 232

February 3, 2019

We return with all the latest in geeky goodness. We have RPGs, groundhogs, plasma rifles, robots, ghosts, dragons, movies, food and more!

Star Trek Discovery - we're talking about the new Command Training Program t-shirts, the greatness of Captain Pike, and a speculation as for the difference in the uniforms on the various ships. As always, there is some talk of The Orville.

Robocop Returns. One of the greatest movies of the 1980s is getting a direct sequel. Directed by Neill Blomkamp, this film will ignore all others in the franchise.

Black Widow movie news, rumours and speculation.

Birds of Prey movie news.

Among The Shadows trailer. Lindsay Lohan returns to the silver screen in a horrible looking werewolf movie.

The Twilight Zone - it's coming to CBS All Access and we have the release date.

Battletech RPG - Josh fills us in on his new strategy game.

Ghostbusters. There's a new movie coming and naturally there is drama surrounding it.

Ben Affleck is out as the Batman, and we talk about Groundhog Day.

Klingon Assault Group had a gathering and a feast in Toronto. Shawn tells the tale.

Climate change, temperature extremes and the Aurora Borealis.

What we've been watching: The Dragon Prince, The Rain, Psychokinesis, Get Out.

RIP Dick Miller 1928 - 2019

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