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Batman Forever Again - 297

Batman Forever Again - 297

June 28, 2020

Batman fever is here! Dungeons and Dragons food, action figures, trailers and more!

Michael Keaton is in talks to once again play Batman. He will be playing alongside Ezra Miller's Flash in the Flashpoint movie.

In Wrestling news, after 30 years in the busness, the Undertaker retires. But is this really the end for him?

Gremlins 3 may or may not be a thing. With no official greenlight or release date, it could eventually be a reboot or a sequel. In reality, there is no official news of any kind on the project.

Unsolved Mysteries! We have the trailer for the reboot of the series. It will be heading to Netflix sometime later this year.

Ernest if coming back to screens! The Jim Varney documentary, The Importance of Being Ernest has a fun trailer. We are looking forward to learning more!

Dungeons and Dragons cookbook. Hero's Feast will showcase nearly 80 recipes for adventurers to try.

The Boys season 2 is coming September 4th. There will be 8 new episodes. We have a teaser trailer.

Talking about cancel culture and the lessons of history.

TMNT and Stan Lee action figures review.

A huge congrats to Steve from A Play On Nerds Podcast on the birth of his second child.

We have the first episode of the Cosmic Pizza Podcast.

RIP - Joel Schumacher

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Dads of Science Fiction - 296

Dads of Science Fiction - 296

June 21, 2020

Top 10 dads of science fiction and fantasy. We have the list of the best dads in science fiction, but we also talk about some of the worst dads as well! Who made the list? Do you have a favourite father of sci-fi?

The teaser trailer for Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League has been released. We have a few details of the upcoming HBO Max film.

Star Trek updates of the week! Season 2 of Picard will be sure to feature more of Starfleet. Lower Decks will be PG-13, and possible feature some of our favourite Next Gen era characters.

Replika is your new chatbot AI companion. If you've seen the movie Her, you know exactly what this new app is all about. We have the specs and details of your new AI friend.

Hasbro Marvel Legends has a new toy for you. It's the Deadpool animatronic talking head. With about 600 lines of dialogue, you won't want to miss this!

Ian Holm 1931 - 2020

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Sky Full Of Stars - 295

Sky Full Of Stars - 295

June 14, 2020

Was The Dukes of Hazzard a racist show? On this week's Rusted Robot Podcast we take a look at some of what is happening around the world. NASCAR bans the Confederate flag. The Duke boys are facing criticism, but were they a tool of racism? What about sexism and fat shaming?

Saturday morning cartoons of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. If you love cartoons from that era, you will love the Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast!

Bill and Ted Face the Music. The first teaser trailer is here.

Wonder Woman 84 is moving its release date yet again.

Playstation 5 console revealed. Find out what people are saying, and how they are reacting to its sleek look.

San Diego Comic Con news! The SDCC may have been cancelled, but they are holding a free virtual comiccon@home. We have the details here!

Denny O'Neil, legendary Batman comic writer passes away at the age of 81.

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Collecting Collectibles - 294

Collecting Collectibles - 294

June 7, 2020

Talking about collecting and collectibles on this week's episode.

We also discuss some current events, but don't get too deep into that. Leaving that for the well informed experts is the best solution.

The Looney Tunes are getting rebooted and there are too many changes to the characters. Mortal Kombat 11 allows you to play Robocop and the Terminator.

The collecting collectibles segment is filled with fun stories, history and information. Talking about action figures, ornaments, art work, props and prop replicas, busts, statues, comics, books, Lego and so much more.

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