The Rusted Robot

Marvel, DC and Star Trek Wars - 307

September 27, 2020

Star Wars and Star Trek and Marvel and DC are in the news. But that's nothing new...what's new is the patented Rusted Robot-style take on the news. Stay tuned for our witty observations and thoughts.

Marvel movie release dates have changed again. Starting with Black Widow, the entire next year has shifted dates, but everything is still on track for 2022 so far.

Star Wars' Mark Hamill and Star Trek's Patrick Stewart do a sci-fi crossover in a commercial for Uber Eats. Both actors would be up for a Star Trek/Wars crossover movie event.

Tenet is the new movie from Christopher Nolan. Shawn went to see it in theatres so you don't have to. Listen to our spoiler free review.

In DC news, Supergirl has been cancelled after its upcoming 6th season, and Henry Cavill has signed for to play Superman again in at least 3 upcoming films.

Disney+ news: Tatiana Maslany cast as She Hulk. Sameul L. Jackson to star in a Nick Fury TV show.


Animaniacs, Mandalorian season 2, Love and Monsters.

2067 is an upcoming climate disaster movie with elements of time travel. We didn't play the teaser, but it sure looks intense.

We also discuss Raised by Wolves, Love Island and 90 Day Fiance. And a quick review of some TMNT action figures.

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