The Rusted Robot

Thank You Mr. Bond Connery - 312

November 1, 2020

Celebrating the life of the best James Bond, Mr. Sean Connery. We have a brief overview of his life and films. Gone too soon as the age of 90.

Listener feedback takes us to a discussion about Godzilla and Ultraman anime. Comic shop news brings us news about Super 7's TMNT action figures and Godzilla vinyl mini-figs.

Television shows we watched this week include The Boys on Amazon Prime. Warrior Nun on Netflix takes us down a rabbit hole. Star Trek Discovery leads us on a talk about how the character of Michael Burnham has changed. The first episode of the Mandalorian is out.

Stephen King's son Joe Hill wants to reboot his dad's directorial debut by remaking Maximum Overdrive. This sounds like a lot of fun and a great idea!

Marvel is looking for Black writers to work on the new Blade film. Quite a discussion ensues because of this idea. Buck Rogers looks to be making a big comeback on both the big and small screens. Oscar Isaac will be in the new Moon Knight series from Disney+

The Midnight Sky trailer premiers this week. George Clooney is trying to save astronauts from returning to the decimated Earth.

NASA announces water on the moon!

MEGO Toys is bringing us some Star Trek Discovery action figures and some TNG villains.

Wonder Woman statue review.

We have a fun discussion about art and pop culture. There is also a chunk of this episode missing. We started talking about being embarrassed to display your geek pride. Due to the conversation being so long and detailed, we are making it into an episode of the Soul Forge Podcast. That episode will be out this coming Thursday. You can check out the podcast by going to

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